Who Is Styles Q. Weinberg?

My working establishment was in three locales.

I was extraordinary to work for Air Canada, starting in the stuff office and finally working up to the store division, where I got an opportunity to dare to the furthest corners of the planet for quite a while.

I moreover had and worked a couple of productive clubs including The Pink Cadillac, Rockers, The Spotlight and The Mix.

Styles Weinberg & Peter Kent

The experience of purchasing and working In Style Jeanswear in York University for an extensive timeframe drove me to buying and working my continuous business, Styles Weinberg. Displaying and Promotions, arranged in Vaughan.

Brought into the world in Toronto, June 28, 1953, I am what you call a certifiable offspring of post war America. Growing up, I recently went to Jewish parochial schools and eventually different to the public authority supported schooling system. I went to the University of Toronto, where I focused on political hypothesis. I have lived in Vaughan starting around 1997, including my ongoing Ward 4 region for over 15 years.

As a person from the Conservative social occasions (both government and ordinary) and close by affiliations, I have expansive data on the political system at each level.

My establishment work has raised in overflow of $100,000 for the Canadian Diabetes Association and the Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital.

My different contribution with life and business makes me the prominent choice to address Ward 4.

Living in the Ward, which I acknowledge is essential, I share all of the concerns that impact my fellow tenants. Knowing and experiencing the concerns is basic to finding plans.

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