Tone Down Your Narcissism in 6 Tips

Contrary to other people’s beliefs, everybody is narcissistic-but to a certain extent. Unless you are one, you are just another insecure and miserable individual. However, there are some who are incredibly narcissistic, a behavior they do not have a lot of control.Get more details narcissistic abuse recovery

You are deemed to be a pathological narcissistic if you become obsessed with your own self. Usually you have a very bloated ego, and you exercise domination and power over other people. Sometimes unknown to you, you become abusive toward others, especially toward your loved ones.

You have to learn how to greatly reduce your extreme narcissism. Here are some of the ways on how you can do it:

1. Determine activities that would drive your attention away from yourself. Choose activities that would give more attention to others than to yourself. These include volunteering in organizations, donating in charities, or going on missionary trips. You may also want to expose yourself to those who belong to a much lower economic status by working in food and homeless shelters. Hopefully, their plight would be a wake-up call that there are still plenty of people who need your love and care.

2. Learn to appreciate other people. Just learn how to say “thank you” or give out compliments to others, especially if they have really done something good. At first saying these things may be very superficial to you, but you will get used to it and will know how to say them with sincerity.

3. Maintain narcissism in certain situations. You cannot get rid of the behavior completely as there is a good chance it already defines you. Nevertheless, you display it only in certain scenarios. For example, you can be a narcissist when you are at the office if it gets the job done, it makes you confident when speaking with others, and when you need to motivate the team to do more.

4. Encourage feedback and rewards. Be your own critic and encourage feedback from friends and family. You can list down situations when your narcissism goes overboard. Then reward yourself when you do not get to do them. In the meantime, tell your loved ones to inform you right away if you practice those that are on the list.

5. Encourage affirmations. Many would say that subliminal messages may only make narcissism worse, but that depends on what type of affirmations you are using. Some mp3 downloads have been specifically designed to address such behavior.

These messages may include the following:

I am not the only person in the world.
My life also revolves around family and friends.
I value relationships, love from others, and mutual support.

Every day, spend at least a few minutes listening to these subliminal messages mp3s. You can incorporate them when you meditate or visualize, so you can definitely absorb them.

6. Learn how to delegate tasks. A lot of the narcissistic individuals are micromanagers. Micromanaging is extremely time-consuming and impractical. You need to learn how to delegate tasks and hold them accountable.

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